Thursday 30 April 2020

Week #31 100WC - Ruby

Moonlight shone like a ray of sun, through the dark, night sky. The moon was full, with a bright yellow hue, illuminating all to see. There were no stars in sight. Just a deep purple and blue, fading into a mist below the hills. A tree stood alone, gazing at the beautiful scene. It’s branches were dense, and bare. As if it was befriending the bare tree, the mist spread around it, covering it like a blanket, like it was comforting it. As I watch from my bedroom window, I can only think about one thing. Nature really is amazing.


  1. Oh wow, Ruby! You really have painted a picture of the scene with your beautiful use of adjectives. Well done.
    I'm going to nominate your writing for the Showcase this week. Good luck!
    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia