Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Week #32 100WC - Ruby

A shade of deep blue faded into the inky night sky. Stars spread around in clusters, illuminating the forest below. Josh and I sat outside, gazing at the view, as a fresh wind blew. It was the perfect place to live! We had a forest, lots of trees to climb in, and a beach nearby. We loved exploring.
“Let’s go!” Josh whispered to me.
“What if Mum and Dad wake up?” I said quietly.
“We’ll be back before sunrise,” Josh said. Before I could reply, Josh was sprinting into the distance. I followed after him. We disappeared into the night.


  1. Hey Ruby, I'm Leila and I'm in the same grade as you. I really liked the way you started your story off and the descriptive words made me feel like I could actually see this happening! You should come check out my post for this week:
    Keep writing, Leila

  2. Kia ora Ruby.
    I LOVE this piece of writing! The picture which you painted in your first paragraph was so vivid that I could see it really clearly in my mind. Knowing that your school is in Waikanae, it even made me think of the area and the hills at the back behind the main road. Lovely!
    The other thing I really like is that way that Josh is quietly goading the writer (something made me think that it's a girl?), trying to convince him or her to go out into the night.
    If you get a chance it would be great if you could come along to my class blog to meet with some of the students.
    Ms M #100WC